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We are driven to be first with quality innovations. It’s why we were one of the original manufacturers to participate in Ford’s Quality Vehicle Modifier program. It continues through the commitment of Life Line’s employee/owners and associates who take quality seriously.

When it comes to setting ambulance standards, we are an active member of the Ambulance Manufacturer Division (AMD) of the NTEA, as well as strongly involved with NFPA 1917. We take this responsibility seriously and use everything we learn to continue an ongoing commitment to proven innovation and continuous product improvement. We are also proud to be one of the original twelve ambulance manufacturers in the United States to submit vehicles for testing. Learn about a significant upgrade in our deburring technology.

Leading Through Innovation

Ford Qualified Vehicle Modifier

As an additional example of innovation, we continue to be one of the few manufacturers to offer proprietary aluminum extrusions that add strength, improve stability and contribute to the quiet comfort of every vehicle we build. We were the first to offer Labyrinth-style door construction, a double aluminum insulated floor and a two-piece aluminum crash rail. Life Line ambulances are also known for their state of the art Elite electrical system.

LifeLine Victory Liner

Vicory Liner

The Victoryliner, a pre-configured 167" Module Superliner featuring a Ford E450 or GM G4500 chassis, with a small selection of Life Line's most popular options.

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LifeLine Paraliner


The 147" body length Paraliner features a Ford E350 chassis with 138" wheelbase or GM G3500 chassis with 139" wheelbase. Includes 68" or 70" headroom, 59 CFT of interior cabinet storage and 57 CFT of exterior compartment storage.

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LifeLine Highliner


171" Body Length Highliner available with Freightliner M2, Kenworth T270, International Durastar or International TerraStar.

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LifeLine Superliner


The 167" body length Superliner, with an optional 171" body length, features a Ford E450 chassis with 158" wheelbase or GM G4500 chassis with 159" wheelbase.

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LifeLine Type 1

Type I

Our Type 1 Ambulance options start with your choice of chassis, the Ford F350/F450/F550 or Dodge 4500/5500. Once you have your module length and headroom selected, there is a wide range of interior storage and exterior compartment ideas to choose from to make your Type 1 ambulance unique to you and how you work!

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LifeLine Sprinter


Mercedes-Benz 2500 Cargo Van Chassis with 2000lbs payload capacity. Powder Coated Aluminum and PVC Cabinets and Interior Construction. With both exterior & interior LED lighting.

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LifeLine Neonate


With special services you need special vehicles. Available with every model, here it is from an air quality control system, generator compartment with louvered door, wider side entry for second cot access, entertainment equipment, additional...

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LifeLine Slantside


A fuel saving option offered on every Life Line ambulance model from a 147″ to 171″ Module. There are 21 standard interior cabinets and 6 exterior compartments. Important to keep in mind this option limits in interior cabinets depths and exterior compartment heights.

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